António Costa Pinheiro, 2014

António Costa Pinheiro, 2014

Ela, ele, a "cosmolanguage" e as poeiras cósmicas

(Detail) She, he, the “cosmolanguage” and the cosmic dust • Oil on canvas • 150 x 180 cm • 2003/2004

Memória („Erinnerung“) • Mischtechnik auf Papier • 70 x 100 cm • 1999

Memories • Mixed media on paper • 73 x 95 cm • 1995


Born in Moura, Portugal.
Attended the art academy “Artes Decorativas António Arroio”, Lisbon.


Illustration for “Poesia para a Infância” (“Poetry for Children”), Anthology by Alice Gomes, published by Ulisseia, Lisbon.
Illustration of the novel “Noite sem Lua” (“The Moon is Down”) by John Steinbeck, published by Ulisseia, Lisbon.


First solo exhibition at Galeria Pórtico, Lisbon.


Moves to Munich with René Bertholo, Lourdes de Castro and Gonçalo Duarte. Collective exhibition at Galerie 17 and Internationales Haus, Munich. Scholarship of the Bavarian Ministry of Culture.


Studies at the Academy of Fine Art, Munich (painting with E. Geitlinger, etching with A. Thiermann).


Solo exhibition at Galeria “Diário de Notícias”, Lisbon, and Galeria Alvarez, Porto.


Scholarship of the Gulbenkian Foundation, Paris.
With René Bertholo, Lourdes de Castro, Gonçalo Duarte, José Escada, João Vieira, Christo and Jan Voss, member of the Group KWY.


Arrested by PIDE when attempting to enter Portugal as a consequence of participation in a leaflet action in Paris. During his political imprisonment at Fort Caxias, Portugal, H. Reishaus organises a solo exhibition at Kunstkabinett Ulrich, Krefeld, and another in collaboration with Studio Kohl, Gelsenkirchen.
Return to Munich.


Edition of  “O Pintor e os Mitos” (“The Painter and the Mythology”) and “Lusitanische Legenden” (“Lusitanian Legends”), graphic art, 30 copies, 5 sheets, text by Jürgen Claus.


Solo exhibition at Galerie Leonhart, Munich.


Burda prize for painting, Haus der Kunst, Munich. “Porträt Costa Pinheiro” (“Portrait of Costa Pinheiro”), film by Anka Kirchner, Bavarian television. Solo exhibition “Die Könige” (“The Kings”), Galerie Leonhart, Munich.


Promotional award for painting of the City of Munich. Solo exhibition at Galeria Buchholz, Lisbon. Scenery and masks for the performance (musical theatre) “Alter-Action-Antonin Artaud” at Haus der Kunst, Munich. With Egisto Machi, Eberhard Schöner, Florian Furtwängler, Leonid and Tatiana Massine. Prize for painting B.P.A. – Sociedade de Belas Artes, Lisbon.


Solo exhibition at Galeria 111, Lisbon, and Galerie Rothe, Wolfsburg.


Menção Honrosa do Prémio da Crítica, Lisbon (prize of honour of art critics, Lisbon).
Sabbatical lasting several years. During this phase creation of the models for the utopian installation “Citymobil”, which to this day has never been implemented.

Imagination & Ironie, 1970

Imagination & Irony, 1970


Prize of the Erika-Reuter Foundation, Lemförde, for the project  “Citymobil”, in conjunction with the publication of the monography of António Costa Pinheiro “Imagination & Ironie” (“Imagination & Irony”), published by Starczewski, Starczewski Collection – Project Art, 1st ed., Höhr-Grenzhausen, 1970.


Return to painting.


Graphics prize of “Intergrafik 80”, Berlin, GDR.
Graphics prize of Art Biennial II, Vila Nova de Cerveira.


Solo exhibition “Der Dichter Fernando Pessoa” (“The Poet Fernando Pessoa”), Galerie Christoph Dürr, Munich.
Solo exhibition “O Poeta Fernando Pessoa” (“The Poet Fernando Pessoa”), Gulbenkian Foundation, Lisbon, and Cooperativa Árvore, Porto.


Illustration for “A Vida das Ilhas” (“The Life of the Islands”) by Júlio Vilarinho, published by Edição & ETC, Lisbon.
National prize for painting AICA/SEC, Lisbon.


“Le Poète Fernando Pessoa” (“The Poet Fernando Pessoa”), Gulbenkian Foundation, Paris.


Solo exhibition “O Modelo e o Pintor – Paisagens do Pintor – Paisagens do Atelier” (“The Model and the Artist – Landscapes of the Artist – Landscapes of the Studio”), Galeria 111, Lisbon.


Solo exhibition “Le Peintre du Mois” (“The Artist of the Month”), Gulbenkian Foundation, Paris.


Illustration of “Cartilha do Marialva” (“Primer of a Bon Vivant”) by José Cardoso Pires, published by D. Quixote, Lisbon.
Solo exhibition  “La Fenêtre de ma Tête“, Gulbenkian Foundation, Lisbon.
Solo exhibition “Os Reis” (“The Kings”), Gulbenkian Foundation, Lisbon.


Solo exhibition “Os Reis” (“The Kings”), Casa de Serralves, Porto.


Solo exhibition “Der Dichter Fernando Pessoa – Aspekte einer Retrospektive – I” (“The Poet Fernando Pessoa – Aspects of a  Retrospective – I”), Galerie Kunst + Kommunikation, Munich.


Solo exhibition “La Fenêtre de ma Tête – Aspekte einer Retrospektive – II” (“La Fenêtre de ma Tête – Aspects of a  Retrospective – II”), Galerie Kunst + Kommunikation, Munich.


Solo exhibition “Ladainha para um Rei” (“Litany for a King”), wall tiles, Galeria Ratton, Lisbon.


Solo exhibition “Os Reis – Tapeçarias” (“The Kings – Tapestries”), Galeria Tapeçarias de Portalegre, Lisbon.


Solo exhibition “Os Reis – Tapeçarias” (“The Kings – Tapestries”), Hieronymus Monastery, Lisbon.


Solo exhibition “Projekt-Art, Cosmolanguage – Aspekte einer Retrospektive – III” (“Project Art, Cosmo Language – Aspects of a  Retrospective – III”), Galerie Kunst + Kommunikation, Munich.


Solo exhibition “Zwischen Königen, Dichtern und Seefahrern” (“Among Kings, Poets and Navigators”), Landestrost Palace, Neustadt.


Solo exhibition “Album do Mar” (“Album of the Sea”), Galeria da Restauração, Olhão.
Grand prize for painting Amadeo de Souza-Cardoso.
Solo exhibition “Navegadores” (“Navigators”), Galeria Fernando Santos, Porto.
Solo exhibition “Navegadores” (“Navigators”) and “Album do Mar” (“Album of the Sea”), Museu da Cidade, Lisbon.


Solo exhibition “António Costa Pinheiro. Os Navegadores” (“António Costa Pinheiro. The Navigators”), Centro Cultural de Lagos, Lagos.


Solo exhibition “Navegadores” (“Navigators”), Palácio da Galeria, Museu da Cidade Tavira.


Solo exhibition “Elas e Eles” (“She and He”),  Chiado 8 Arte Contemporânea, Lisbon, and Galeria Fernando Santos, Porto.


Solo exhibition “Imagens de uma Obra” (“Images of an Oeuvre”), Centro Cultural de Cascais.
Solo exhibition “Costa Pinheiro. Grande Escolha. Trabalhos sobre papel.” (“Costa Pinheiro. Representative Selection. Work on Paper”). João  Esteves de Oliveira, Galeria Arte Moderna e Contemporânea, Lisbon.


Solo exhibition “Costa Pinheiro. Aspectos de uma Retrospectiva. Obra Gráfica 1953-2007”, (“Costa Pinheiro. Aspects of a Retrospective. Graphic work 1953 -2007”), Casa da Cerca, Centro de Arte Contemporânea, Câmara Municipal de Almada, Almada.
Solo exhibition “Seefahrer – Aspekte einer Retrospektive – IV” (“Navigators –  Aspects of a Retrospective – IV”), Galerie Kunst +  Kommunikation, Munich.
Solo exhibition “Elas e Eles” (“She and He”), Organisation AMI and Galeria Fernando Santos, Centro Cultural de Bragança, Bragança.


Illustration for “Príncipes de Portugal. Suas Grandezas e Misérias” (“The Rulers of Portugal. Their Greatness and their Misery”) by Aquilino Ribeiro. Lisbon: Portugália Editora 2008.


Lecturer at Faro University, course of study “Visual Art”, as Professor h.c.


Solo exhibition “Costa Pinheiro”, Galeria dos Paços de Concelho, Tomar.


“António  Costa Pinheiro / Antonio Tabucchi, Le voyageur immobile – Il viaggiatore statico” (“The Immobile Traveller”), Petite Galerie, Librairie Italienne, Tour de Babel, Paris.
Solo exhibition “Costa Pinheiro. O Pintor Ele-Mesmo. 1955-1985” (“Costa Pinheiro. The Artist Himself. 1955-1985”), Galeria São Roque, Lisbon.
New edition of „Imagination & Ironie“ (Imagination & Irony), translated into Portuguese „Imaginação & Ironia”, São Roque / Documenta, Lisbon.
Solo exhibition “Costa Pinheiro, 1955-1985”, Galeria Trem, Faro.

8.10.2015 died in Munich.